Monday, July 27, 2009

Picture time!

Hi Everyone! I hope you do not mind if I post pictures for today. It is currently 1:15 A.M. and like Stephanie mentioned, we have lots of work to do. Thus, I thought that instead, I could share pictures of these past couple days. I have not been able to get a full group picture of my roommates and my Marshall Brief Policy group but when I do, I will introduce all of them.

Today, we went to visit the library to get our library cards (which expires the day the program ends, on August 9th). While we were waiting, I took some pictures!It seems like Ms. Larson is enjoying her cup of coffee while advertising for Dunkin Donuts!
This is a recent friend of mine. Her name is Huong. She is from VIETNAM! I am very glad to have met her, and I am shocked at how much she knows about America and politics. Her English is also pretty fluent! Huong is actually part of my (and Stephanie's) Marshall Brief Policy group. She is very helpful and though she is currently sick, we can always count on her for advice and knowledge.
Of course, you cannot forget about Yohanna. Here she is in the library, trying to keep quiet but still having lots of fun!

After the five of us (Ms. Larson, Stephanie, Huong, Yohanna, and I) received our library cards, we went to tour the big library. Below is a picture of the Starr Main Reference Room. It was very beautiful and of course, very quiet.
The last 3 photos are of Stephanie and me. The other pictures I took with Yohanna and Matt in it were blurry, so I decided not to put them in. I hope to take better pictures soon. Enjoy!

(I am still working on how to take pictures so please stay with me when it comes to faces being cut off). The one on the top left is when we were still in the library. Of course, we were there to "study", and not take pictures...The one on the bottom right side is a location near the library, though the building the background is not it. Lastly, the photo on the bottom left is my best shot of the both of us with the library in the background. From what Ms. Larson told us, the library building was painted and designed to LOOK old. They even pretended to leave "statue marks" to portray the idea that the statues were "stolen" before. I found that very interesting!

Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures. I am sorry I did not get a chance to talk about what we did today, but Stephanie did a great job of summarizing our day. I hope that tomorrow I will have more time to blog and add more pictures. Thanks for "viewing"!


  1. Jessica,

    As long as you post photos you can never go wrong in my book. But why do I have this urge to run out to a Dunkin Donuts?

    It’s good to see you making friends so soon after arriving at Yale. The way you write about Huong and how you “always can count on her for advice and knowledge” you might think that you’d known each other for more than 24 hours.

    It’s good to read about your problems with taking photos. I mean, we’ll just add that to our list of training aids for next year. Of course, it’s always a lot easier when you have someone else pointing the camera at you. This may be one of the legacies of our time where the people of the future might think that we all took photos by holding our cameras and cell phones at arm’s length and snapping shots of ourselves. I actually have a couple of point and shoot digital cameras where the screen on the back can swing out and you can turn it around so when you’re holding the camera at arm’s length you can look right into the view screen. You can also swing it so when you hold the camera over the heads of the crowd you can see what you’re pointing it at.

    I got a kick out of reading about the spaces cut out for statues so it would look like they had been stolen. Had they built it here in our area they wouldn’t have had to fake them being stolen.

  2. Jess,

    Anyone with the name of Huong is alright by me. What a coincidence that I'm sick with the stomach flu right now. . .heh-heh!

    The posts/pics are great - keep them up if you have time and I am glad that the you seemed to be holding the book upright in that one picture. . .were you girls really reading or posing? ha-ha!

    I think that it's so cool that you are having this experience. . .as much work as it sounds, hope you are enjoying/learning/having fun!

    Have the trees turned color?