Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late NIght

Hey everybody. It is quite late right now and I just finished reading a 144 page compilation of works on the Grand Strategy of the British Empire and Winston Churchill. I still have some research to do so forgive me for making this post somewhat brief. I promise to catch you up later.

Before lunch today we did something other than attend a lecture! Unfortunately this activity was visiting a library. However, while I was a bit disappointed at first, my apprehension vanished when I found out that Yale's library happens to be the second biggest among American universities. We ended up with a Yale library card and a tour and it turned out to be an excellent experience.

After this tease of a fun and exciting activity, we got to attend another six and a half hours of lecture! I guess they decided that to much fun in one day would be a shock to our systems. However, yet again, Yale did not cease to amaze me in that I truly enjoyed every bit of the different lectures. They taught extremely practical lessons on topics such as morality and ethical philosophies, public policy making, and psychological persuasion. Everything that I've been taught here so far are things I can't wait to study more in college.

I'm trying to soak up as much as this as I can and despite the lack of sleep, or maybe due to its affects on my judgement, I have really been enjoying and just generally appreciating my opportunity at Yale.

Sorry again for the brevity of this post but I have to go to sleep at some point. I promise to make it up later.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Matt,

    I have to wonder why they’re trying to cram so much into such a brief period of time. It seems that if they were to stretch this class out 2-3 days longer it would allow all of you a better opportunity to absorb the material. Also, having the time to discuss the concepts with your classmates could be invaluable.

    Once you reach the position of a Level 5 leader, then perhaps you might be expected to fight wars simultaneously on three continents all the while solving the world’s economic problems but we all need to keep in mind that you’re all still ‘youngsters’ and need at least three hours of sleep per night.

    Ay thoughts?

  2. Matt,
    You and the rest of the ILC participants continue to impress me. I am very proud of the vigor with you are approaching learning. You will find that your studies at the university level, while very challenging, will be much more tailored to your personal interests. It seems that you have already found this to be true. I look forward to discussing your trip when the school year begins.

  3. I say... there's nothing you can't handle (especially you) so handle that. ;) You are seriously on point. I can only imagine how great it is to see, hear, and learn all that you are at this moment and you must be so grateful for it all. I am so very proud, happy, and excited for you. Oh! and don't feel you have to apologize (at least on my part) for your blog post not being longer it's long enough considering what your doing. I am so very grateful and appreciate that I can see what you are up to out there and living this experience of yours with you. Watching excitedly...

    (Tia Tere)