Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ivy Scholars Day 4

Peabody Museum of Natural History
Rosenfeld Hall- this is where the Ivy Scholars have most of their lectures.

Sterling Memorial Library

Rare books in the Beineke library

Beineke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

It's been another great day on the Yale campus. I was fortunate enough to run into Stephanie, Jessica and Matt on my way back from the Peabody Museum and we had an hour to grab dinner. They seem to be in good spirits and are adapting to the rigor of their classes. So far, so good! We will keep you all posted!

1 comment:

  1. Sarah,

    Anther batch of nice photos and the video interviews were informative.

    Just for Matt: your words back to friends and family might include more than just “party”. AND, as the gentleman in the group, why are you allowing Jessica to wait on you hand and foot?

    And what did you all do with Yohanna?

    As they used to say—keep those cards and letters coming in.