Saturday, July 25, 2009

Connecticut College & Wesleyan Tours

Wesleyan- student center


Yohann, Stephanie, Amy (tour guide), Jessica & Matt

Connecticut College- Unity House

Connecticut College- dorms

Jessica, Yohanna, Stephanie & Matt in front of the theater at Connecticut College

I will write more later! I wanted to get these posted now. Thanks for your support! We are having a great time so far!!


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  1. Sarah,

    One thing that we seem to see over and over in these photos of the East Coast schools is the ever present green grass. What's with that?

    I really appreciate seeing the photos, Sarah. In case any of your charges are taking notes, please remind them that after being away from home now for TWO days on my scorecard it reads: Chaperone (1 each)--two blogs and Students (4 each)--zip, nada, zilch. Just in case they ask.

    I'm sure that when one of the ILC's most ardent supporters and sponsors, architect Wally Gordon watches the video clip, he'll be impressed with Matt's understanding and knowledge of architecture. When Matt described the big brick building as "a big building", what more could any of us ask?